Fr. Patrick writes: Listen to your Inner Man

Day 9: Listen to your Inner Man

St. Peter in his Epistle, 1 Peter 3:11 invites us to shun evil and seek to do good. This is the invitation of this Holy Season of Lent. This is what we are trying to do in this 40-day intense walk with God: to be more inclined to do what is right at all times. This invitation of St. Peter and also during Lent is addressed to every one of us, to our inward part, our conscience.

Deep within our conscience, we discover a certain law which we didn’t put there but someway somehow we must obey. With time, some of us have killed our conscience, the voice of God within us; due to this, we easily rationalise our sins and take God’s grace for granted. This mindset has affected our relationship with God and the more we refuse to listen to Him, the more distant we become.

The joy is that wherever we are on our journey with Christ, we can grow deeper with Him if we will work on moulding our consciences well. These are some suggestions that can help us as we seek to inform and strengthen our consciences with God’s truth:

🙏🏽🙇🏽‍♀️ Prayer – Through prayer and participation in the sacraments, especially Confession and the Eucharist, we encounter the living God. Spending time with the Lord, such as in silent adoration, opens our hearts to him. In drawing closer to the Lord, we allow God’s grace to conform our minds and hearts to Christ so that we might better discern in every moment how we ought to act.
📖💡 Acquiring knowledge – Without a foundational, practical formation, it is difficult for our consciences to guide us well in concrete situations. As Catholics, we have the immense gift of the teaching authority of the Catholic Church and can turn to it for help in forming our consciences. For example, researching what the Church says about challenging teaching, especially concerning the LGBTQI, will help us grow in knowledge of the truth.
📖✝️ The Word of God – the Word of God expresses the will and the plans of God for our particular life and the world; thus if we spend time to meditate on it it helps us to conform our will to that of God. The psalmist will say: Your Word have I treasured in my heart that I may not sin against you.

Our conscience is our most secret core and there we are alone with God; there, He speaks to us. I pray that you will not be indifferent to that still, small voice within you, for it is the Voice of God.

Read:📖 Joel 2:12-15
Prayer Point:🙇🏽‍♀️ Pray that you may see sin as God sees it.
Action:👉🏽 Attend stations of the Cross

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