“I don’t want to know where I picked the virus from” -Archbishop Buckle says

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Cape Coast, Most Rev. Gabriel Charles Palmer-Buckle, shared his experience as a COVID-19 patient in a recent video, saying that he is less concerned about knowing where he contracted the virus.

“If you ask me where I pick the virus from, I don’t know, and I don’t want to know where I got it from,” Archbishop added. He admonished Ghanaians to practice the 3 Ps (Prayer, Protocols and Prayer).

He said his work as a priest might expose him to the virus, “it may be possible I took it from one of my ministries, but I don’t need to bother where it came from, but first and foremost looking back at my habits; nose-picking, rubbing my eyes, touching my face and my mouth, so I believe I have introduced the virus unknowingly into my mouth, nose and eyes.”

Archbishop Palmer-Buckle got admitted at Ga East Municipal Hospital Accra, COVID-19 treatment centre, Accra, on 17th February 2021, as a COVID-19 victim where he shared the first video on his experiences telling Ghanaians that COVID is real. He was discharged from the treatment centre on 25th February to continue his recovery treatment at home under the supervision of a doctor.

He urged all to pray for the frontline workers at the Ga East Municipal hospital who have been so committed to their work “let us also pray for God to protect them because they are running big races for those of us who are patients and for all.”

The Archbishop further encouraged Ghanaians to adhere to the five protocols; frequent hand washing, wearing of face masks, using hand sanitizers, practicing social distancing, and avoiding crowded places.

The Chief Shepherd of Cape Coast asked all to learn to wear the nose mask and wear it properly, avoid touching it outside because “You don’t know when you introduce the virus into your nose, mouth or eyes,” He said.

With social distancing, he said, “I wonder how we can observe social distancing in our public transport, banks and public places of encounter, but please do what you can in order not to pick the virus.”

He asked pastors to seriously engage in our Churches to avoid bringing people too close in our mosques and places of worship.

Most Rev. Palmer-Buckle, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Cape Coast, entreated all to practice hot steam inhalation, the cheapest traditional method that may help avoid the virus.


By Theresa Kpordzo

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