Benedict XVI asks that he not be used against Francis

In a brief conversation presented as an interview by the Italian newspaper, the “Corriere della Sera”, Benedict XVI disapproves of those who try to use him against Francis and reminds that the Pope is only one and that he is not Joseph Ratzinger.

He also settles the question of his resignation again. She says that it was free and thoughtful and that it was not the result of any conspiracy.

Specifically, it states the following:

“Some fanatic friends of mine are still angry and don’t want to accept my decision. I mean conspiracy theories.

They don’t want to believe it was a thoughtful decision. But my conscience is clear ”.

Benedict is concerned about Francisco’s trip to Iraq, about the instability of the country and the pandemic. However, he says that all his prayer will accompany him.

The journalist points out that Benedict XVI is weak and thin, that he speaks very slowly and that he is lucid.

As on November 28, during the Pope’s visit with the new cardinals.

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