Welcome Christ’s Light, Safeguard It, And Share It- Pope Francis

The Holy Father, Pope Francs, in his Angelus address for the second Sunday of Lent, reflected on the Gospel of the day, asking Christ’s faithful to welcome Christ’s Light, Safeguard it, and share it.

He said this second Sunday of Lent invites us to contemplate the transfiguration of Jesus on the mountain before three of his disciples.

“As the Apostle Peter exclaimed, it is good to pause with the Lord on the mountain, to live this “preview” of light in the heart of Lent. It is a call to remember, especially when we pass through a difficult trial – and so many of you know what it means to pass through a difficult trial – that the Lord is Risen and does not permit darkness to have the last word,” he said.

He added that we too are called to climb up the mountain, to contemplate the beauty of the risen one who enkindles glimmers of light in every fragment of our life and helps us to interpret history beginning with his paschal victory.

“At times, we go through moments of darkness in our personal, family or social life, and of fear that there is no way out. We feel frightened before great enigmas such as illness, innocent pain or the mystery of death. In the same journey of faith, we often stumble encountering the scandal of the cross and the demands of the Gospel, which calls us to spend our lives in service and to lose it in love, rather than preserve it for ourselves and protect it. Thus, we need a different outlook, of a light that illuminates the mystery of life in-depth and helps us to move beyond our paradigms and the criteria of this world,” the Holy Father said.

In his address, he asked us to be careful that the feeling of Peter “it is well that we are here” must not become our spiritual laziness.

We cannot remain on the mountain and enjoy the beauty of this encounter by ourselves. Jesus himself brings us back to the valley, amid our brothers and sisters and into daily life. We must beware of spiritual laziness: we are fine with our prayers and liturgies, and this is enough for us. No! Going up the mountain does not mean forgetting reality; praying never means avoiding the difficulties of life; the light of faith is not meant to provide beautiful spiritual feelings. No, this is not Jesus’ message. We are called to experience the encounter with Christ so that, enlightened by his light, we might take it and make it shine everywhere. Igniting little lights in people’s hearts; being little lamps of the Gospel that bear a bit of love and hope: this is the mission of a Christian.

Pope Francis asked all to pray to Mary Most Holy, that she may help us to welcome the light of Christ with wonder, to safeguard it, and share it.

Source: Vatican Press Office

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