Fr. Patrick writes: Temptation III

A walk with God, Day 13: Temptation III

Lent is not a countdown to Easter but a time of preparation for Easter. It is therefore imperative that we use this period to build a good character that will last even after Easter.

One character to conscientiously build is fortitude in the face of temptation. Every temptation is primarily based on deception and that is why satan is called ‘the father of lies’. He makes sin appear so appealing and desirous when, in actual fact, it should repel us. We should be able to see sin as God sees it, no matter how enticing the devil projects it to be.

One practical way to overcome or resist temptation is in recognising your area of temptation – since our likes, desires and attractions are different, our areas of temptation also differ. To know your area of temptation you need to take inventory of your life and you need to be sincere with yourself. This will help you to know the near occasion of sin and it will help you to be on your guard since you know the things that pull you to sin.

There’s no need to live in denial or act tough when we come face to face with the things that easily lead us to sin. Acknowledging these situations will help us know how best to be in control of ourselves. The devil has no new tricks, therefore knowing how he works on you or leads you to sin will help you defeat him all the time.

Read:📖 Matthew 23:1-12
Prayer Point:🙇🏽‍♀️ Pray for the renewal of the Holy Spirit in your life so you will have greater zeal to resist temptation
Action:👉🏽 Make a list of the situations that easily lead you to sin

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