Why the meeting between Francis and Grand Ayatollah Al Sistani is important

Grand Ayatollah Ali Al Sistani is the spiritual leader of the Shiites of Iraq, more than 60% of its population. 

That is why he is a key figure for dialogue with Iran and with the Muslims of Iraq. Their decisions can help the minorities of the country and that is why Christians celebrate this meeting.

Spokesperson, Chaldean Catholic Church
“Some said that he would have signed the document on Human Fraternity that the Pope signed in Abu Dhabi with the imam of Al Azhar. But even if they don’t and everything is limited to a private meeting between them, it will be a great opportunity to promote coexistence between Christians and Muslims.

Mosul Eye “We need to create a new avenue of interreligious
understanding. There should be no more room for conflict. We have already seen what happened to religious minorities in Iraq. The only way out is to open a door between Islam and Christianity. Let them give way to a dialogue that can be maintained in the long term ”.

Ali Al Sistani condemned ISIS in 2014. It was a key decision for the fall of the Islamic State. It was proof that their moral influence is crucial in the Islamic world and that there is a basis for starting a dialogue.

Mosul Eye
“A dialogue based on mutual understanding. A dialogue that can establish connections between people, regardless of their religion, because the challenge ahead will be our ability to act together, work together and live together in peace ”.

The meeting between the Pope and Ali Al Sistani continues despite the double threat of pandemic and terrorism. It will start at 9 in the morning and will last about 30 minutes. 

It will be in the residence of the great ayatollah, a humble house where he receives people of all kinds and conditions. It is in the city of Najaf, where the son-in-law of Muhammad, a key figure for Shi’ism, is buried. His tomb is one of the main Muslim pilgrimage centers in the world. 



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