Fr. Patrick writes: The Confessional II

A walk with God, Day 18: The Confessional II

Lent is a time when our loving Father particularly meets with each and every one of His children. In this most intimate encounter, even the most prodigal son is given the chance to take account of the waste which he has perpetrated; he calls his sin by its name, and he finally makes his way with complete sincerity back into the Father’s warm and welcoming embrace. This is what happens concretely at the Confessional.

At the Confessional, the Lord receives our burden of sin and He gives us rest from them. Above all, he gives us grace to overcome them; so why are you still carrying that burden? Don’t be deceived into thinking that your sins are too grievous to be forgiven; neither be held back because of the frequency with which you commit that sin- in fact, that is why you need the grace.

God is not counting or marking our sins, and that is why the focus of the Confessional is the mercy of God that awaits us. All we need to do is to make a return to the Lord at the Confessional at every fall into sin. Just like no amount of darkness can put out a light no matter how small it may be, so our sins, no matter how great it may be, can’t quench the mercy of God. Thus St. Paul will say where sin abound, grace abound the more.

My dear sister and brother, do not look at your sin but look at the super abundant mercy of God which is always there for us. Don’t allow the devil to deceive you to continue carrying your burden of sin. Look for a priest and off-load your garbage to him. He is God’s instrument.

Read:📖 John 20:19-23
Prayer Point:🙇🏽‍♀️ Pray for greater desire for holiness
Action:👉🏽 Feed a hungry person or help a needy person

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