Pope explains why he has gone to Iraq despite the pandemic

During the press conference on the plane, Francisco explained why he decided to travel to Iraq despite the


As I have said recently, trips are “cooked”, with time, in my conscience. And that is something that gave me encouragement, strength, strength. I have thought about it a lot, I have prayed a lot for this trip and in the end I made the decision freely. What I felt inside. And I said: God who urges me to act like this, take care of people.

The Pope says he was aware of the risks, but decided to go ahead in conscience.

As for future trips, he does not rule out a future visit to his native country.

I want to say it so that no one fantasizes about ‘patriaphobia’. When given the opportunity, this journey must be done. Because there are Argentina, Uruguay and the South of Brazil, with a great cultural variety.

In addition, he has jokingly explained what he answers to those who ask him why he has not yet gone to his homeland.

When am I going to Argentina and why am I not going? I always answer a bit ironically that I have been 76 years in Argentina. It’s enough, right? There is one thing that I do not know why it is not said. A trip to Argentina began to be scheduled in November 2017. Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

The Pope has also clarified that at 84 years old, he notes that traveling tires him much more than in the past. Although the reality is that he did not look tired at all.



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