COVID-19: TTH staff to strike 12 March over lack of vaccines

Health workers at the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) have threatened to withdraw their services in the fight against COVID-19 effective Friday, 12 March 2021.

This follows the inability of the hospital’s COVID-19 team, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratorians, orderlies and security workers to access the COVID-19 vaccines being given across the country.

In a statement issued by the COVID-19 team of TTH on Wednesday, 11 March 2021, the workers said: “Our attention has been drawn to the fact that non-health workers are receiving the COVID-19 vaccines while we, the frontline workers here in Tamale Teaching Hospital, have no access to the vaccine.”

The TTH COVID-19 team also complained: “We have not received our 50 per cent basic salary allowance as promised” by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

They further noted: “All efforts for authorities to make payment to us here have proven futile. This is already in arrears of seven months.”

The TTH COVID-19 team also disclosed: “No member of the team has received any insurance package promised to frontline workers when they get infected by COVID-19 in line of duty.”

According to the health workers, these concerns have “demotivated almost all members of the team and also has brought down morale at the holding, isolation and treatment centres for COVID-19 in TTH.”


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