Pope in Angelus: War in Syria is one of the “gravest catastrophes of our time”

During the Angelus on Sunday the Pope spent a lot of time reflecting on the conflict in Syria.

10 years ago the bloody conflict began in Syria, which has caused one of the most serious humanitarian catastrophes of our time: an indefinite number of deaths and injuries, millions of fugitives, thousands of disappeared, destruction, violence of all kinds and immense suffering. for the entire population.

On this anniversary the Pope asked, once again, for dialogue between the parties to the conflict and that the international community also collaborate.

Let us all pray to the Lord, so that all this suffering in beloved and mistreated Syria is not forgotten and that our solidarity revives hope. Let us pray together for the beloved and abused Syria. Ave Maria…

Francisco also recalled that on March 19 the year dedicated to his document on the family, the Amoris Laetitia, begins. Finally he greeted the pilgrims who accompanied him from the square like this basketball team.



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