Fr. Patrick writes: The Bridge that Builds Broken Relationships

A walk with God; Day 24: “I’m sorry” – The Bridge that Builds Broken Relationships

Lent is a great time to incorporate the discipline of repentance -I’m sorry- into your life. For some of us, however, saying, “I’m sorry” is a herculean task. We find it difficult to admit when we have done wrong; even at times we makeup excuses or blame others for our mistakes. We need to know that if we don’t apologize when we have done something wrong, our relationships inevitably suffer: our relationship with God and with man too.

Sin damages our fellowship with God, but a sincere “I’m sorry” brings restoration and peace. Lent is a beautiful time where we apologise to God and our fellow man for the wrong we have done. King David is the greatest king of Israel, not because he was perfect or without sin- Israel’s kings are judged based on their relationship with God- but after every fall, he will admit his faults and say “I’m sorry” instead of blaming someone for it or finding excuses. He can thus serve as a model for us this season of Lent.

Repentance acknowledges that our hearts are prone to wander, and it places God back in His rightful place on the throne of our life. The purpose of repentance isn’t to spend time drowning in shame but to allow the Holy Spirit’s conviction to draw us back to God. The priest is waiting for you at the Confessional for you to say “I’m sorry” to God and enjoy the sweet fellowship that comes with being right with God.

Read:📖 Psalm 51
Prayer Point:🙇🏽‍♀️ Pray for the physically challenged
Action:👉🏽 Say “I’m sorry” to all those you have offended and those you will offend today

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