Pope asks “on his knees” for dialogue in Myanmar and an end to violence in Paraguay

During the general audience, the Pope has called for an end to the violent repression in Myanmar, after the military coup in February, and has evoked the gesture of this nun.

Many people, especially young people, are losing their lives to offer hope to their country. I too kneel in the streets of Myanmar and say “Stop the violence.” I also spread my arms and say “Let the dialogue prevail.” Bloodshed solves nothing. Let dialogue prevail.

Cardinal Charles Bo of Yangon has posted this video on YouTube in which he asks the military to listen to the will of the people. 

Francisco has also called for calm and dialogue in Paraguay, where thousands of people have taken to the streets to demand the resignation of the government due to corruption and the slow management of the pandemic. 

During this week I have been concerned about the news coming from Paraguay.

May a way of sincere dialogue be found to find adequate solutions to the current difficulties and thus build together the long-awaited peace. Let us remember that violence is always self-destructive, with it nothing is gained but a lot is lost and sometimes everything. 

In the general audience, Francis also explained the role of the Holy Spirit in Christian prayer. 

The Holy Spirit “reminds” us of Jesus and makes him present to us. We can say that it is our memory of the Trinity, the memory of God in us, it “reminds us”. And it makes Jesus present so that he is not reduced to a character from the past. That is, the Holy Spirit makes Jesus present in our conscience.

The Pope has compared the action of the Holy Spirit to the candle that is in the churches next to the tabernacle. An always-on light that always burns, even if no one sees it.



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