Shiite leader in the US asks to work with Christians “to bring peace and tolerance”

The impact of Pope Francis’ trip to Iraq continues to elicit good reactions throughout the Muslim world. 

On March 6, the Pope met with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, considered one of the main authorities of Shiite Islam. 

Muslims in the US see this meeting as the fulfillment of Pope Francis’ mission to dialogue with the two great branches of the Muslim world. 

Vice President, IMAM
“I think that his visit to the Shiite religious authority completes His Holiness’s initiatives and fraternity work, thus reaching both Sunni and Shiite branches. Muslims see that it completes this goal.

Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Kashmiri, is the North American landmark for Shiite Muslims.

He says that the meeting between al-Sistani and Pope Francis will have very good consequences for both Muslims and Christians, in many countries. 

Now that the Pope is back in Rome, it is up to anonymous people to continue building bridges on a day-to-day basis.

Vice President, IMAM
“If we lose this opportunity, I very much doubt that it will be repeated in the near future.”

“We have to work with strength, precision and closeness to bring more peace, more tolerance and face any injustice.”

One of the surprises of this trip is that what happened in Iraq, despite its recent history of war and suffering, can now become a model for dialogue and peace. 

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