Fr. Patrick writes: Mortification and Penance

A walk with God, Day 27: Mortification and Penance

During this period of grace, Lent, the church imposes on us some disciplines in order to help us to be humble, which in turn aids us in our conversion and resistance against sin or victory over our temptation. The age-old disciplines of Prayer, Fasting, Alms-giving and other forms of mortification and penance are means to help us become holy. They are very helpful means though not an end in themselves. When done in humility and in the sincerity of heart they win for us supernatural favour and grace from God.

Thus, Mortification and self-imposed penances are important in this season of Lent. They are necessary because:
1. They help us acknowledge that we are not perfect but sinners and Jesus Christ underwent suffering to expiate for our sins. This can help us run away from sin.
2. Again, without mortification and penance, we become attached to the world and the pleasures of this world and forget all about heaven, which is our real home. Usually, when we are afflicted, our vision of God becomes clearer.
3. They are an aid to have control over the desires and passions of the flesh. Just like you are able to endure and go through the penance, your body builds resilience against temptation and sin.
4. They are ways to make partial or total reparation for the temporal punishment due to our sins. In this way, we can shorten our purgatory in this life and escape it in the next.

Our mortification and penance, when done in the right spirit and disposition, make us humble and puts us in a position pleasing and acceptable to God. The Saints were gluttons for penance and mortification and went as far as imposing on themselves sufferings which horrify us today. What are we doing by way of penance? Let’s know that it’s not the mortification or penance that atones for our sin, but Christ’s suffering and death. It is rather a response or recognition and appreciation to that atoning work and sacrifice.

Read:📖 Matthew 11:25-30
Prayer Point:🙇🏽‍♀️ Pray for all those seeking the fruit of the womb.
Action:👉🏽 Join a church for the stations of the Cross or do it with the family at home.

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