Pope Francis: Do not be people of the eternal tomorrow

Pope Francis: Do not be people of the eternal tomorrow

Francisco received the community of the Pontifical Philippine College “Our Lady of Peace and Good Journey”, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its foundation.

The Philippines continues to party at the Vatican. A week ago they commemorated the 500 years of evangelization and, this March 22, the 60 years of the Pontifical Philippine College. An institution that offers training and reception to priests studying in Rome.

The Pope welcomed his community and recommended that they not limit themselves to putting up with the present and waiting for it to pass.

“Do not be men of eternal tomorrow, who always wait, in a hypothetical ideal condition – the bad utopia – the opportune and decisive moment to do something good; and do not live in a perpetual condition of ‘apnea’, limiting themselves to endure the present and wait for it to pass ”.

He reminded them that the present is “the only time that is now in our hands, and that we are called to take advantage of for a journey of conversion and sanctification.” He said that “today is the moment of concretion.”

“We are called to live today, including its contradictions, sufferings and miseries -even our sins-, which must not be rejected or avoided, but rather accept and love as occasions that the Lord offers us to be more intimately united with Him and also on the cross”.

The Philippine College was founded by Saint John XXIII. Francis reminded them of the advice that this Pope gave them 60 years ago: that all priests find in this institution “faith and culture in abundant source and fraternal atmosphere, and thus equipped they will return to their homeland, as chosen preachers of the truth.”



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