Francis asks for peace in Niger and prays for tuberculosis patients

The Pope expressed concern about the recent wave of attacks in Niger that killed at least 137 people near the border with Mali.

Let us pray for the victims, for their families, for the entire population so that the violence suffered does not make us lose sight of the path to democracy, justice and peace.

He also recalled that like all March 24, tuberculosis Day is celebrated, a disease that causes as many deaths as covid every year and that is being eliminated before 2030.

May this commemoration foster a renewed impulse to cure this disease and may it increase solidarity with those who suffer from it.

He also recalled the terrible floods in Australia, which have caused thousands of evacuees in New South Wales and in the lowlands of the east coast of the country.

The Pope sent a message of support to those who lost their homes and to those who are helping in the rescue efforts.

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