Fr. Patrick writes :The Healing Power of Confession

A walk with God, Day 34: The Healing Power of Confession

One of the ways the church encourages us to prepare ourselves for Easter is by going for confession. Through it, God reconciles us to Himself and heals us. At Confession, God invites us to bring to Him our brokenness, our hurts, our pains, our mistakes, our missteps, our burden of sin. As we lay them at the foot of the Cross, He forgives us… and we don’t have to wonder whether we are forgiven or not; we get to hear these refreshing words through the priest: “Your sins are forgiven”.

Confession is an opportunity to be fully cleansed and to be reconciled back to God, and to the church, and to each other. It is such a beautiful and amazing sacrament, yet most of us don’t pay attention to it or even think about the benefits we derive from it and so we are quick to avoid it. Confession is truly one of the greatest gifts God has for the Church. In it, we are filled with His grace and this grace stays within us. And we can use it daily, moment to moment, to help us heal from the afflictions that falling into temptation comes with. It can help us heal from our brokenness.

If we come to realise the truth of this Sacrament, it will bring us to a new place in our relationship with God and with our neighbour. We sometimes avoid it because of fear. Yes, there should be some contrition. Yes, there should be a little uneasiness in going in there, but it shouldn’t frighten us. We should rather be frightened of what sin does to our souls and that should propel us towards the confessional where we bring to God our brokenness and return with newness. I wish to encourage us all to take advantage of this Sacrament as we prepare to enter the Holy Week.

Read:📖 John 20:19-23
Prayer Point:🙇🏽‍♀️ Pray for those who do not believe in Christ, that enlightened by the Holy Spirit, they too may enter on the way of salvation.
Action:👉🏽 Go To Confession and apologise to those you have offended.

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