Fr. Patrick writes: The Transitional Power of Prayer

A walk with God, Day 33: The Transitional Power of Prayer

The goal of the Lenten season is to have victory over temptation and sin. This feat cannot be achieved without PRAYER. Prayer is so important that Jesus himself tells us, “Pray constantly” and went ahead to give us an example by praying constantly and teaching us how to pray. Prayer is the distance between us and God, and that is why the church encourages us to pray more.

Through prayer, we come to know God and we are able to detect His presence within and around us. We are even able to hear His voice speaking through our conscience. Through prayer, we are able to focus on God and desire Him more and more; we begin to see things His way. The grand result of this is a total transformation of our individual lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer makes our hearts and minds a fertile ground for the Holy Spirit to cultivate. In prayer, we begin to breathe a new atmosphere, we form new goals and new ideals. Through prayer, God reveals Himself to us as well as revealing ourselves to us. We get to know the secret of our own ‘humanness’. Through prayer, we enter into a friendship with God who is faithful beyond compare. I urge you, my dear friend, to draw closer to this friend through prayer.

Read:📖 Luke 21:34-38
Prayer Point:🙇🏽‍♀️ Pray for a greater desire for holiness
Action:👉🏽 Instruct the ignorant by sharing knowledge of the faith with someone willing to learn.

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