“The Pope taught us that the only way to live in peace with yourself is to tolerate the other”

Several weeks have passed since the Pope’s trip to Iraq and his historic visit to Mosul. And you can see the mark that Francisco left in this city.

Mosul Eye
“It is the only time, the first time since it was destroyed, that despite all the destruction, I saw Mosul as the most beautiful city in the world. I saw it through the eyes of the Holy Father ”.

Muslim historian Omar Mohammed lived in Mosul when the city was under the rule of Isis, from 2014 to 2017.

During those years, he launched an anonymous blog to expose the atrocities being perpetrated by terrorists.

Mosul Eye
“The question that the Pope asked comes to mind: Who sold weapons to terrorists? Who is selling weapons to destroyers? It is a question he has asked on behalf of the people of Mosul ”.

For Omar Mohammed, the Pope is the person who has best understood the suffering of this city and that is why he cleared his name.

And it is that he did not point towards the ruins but towards how Muslims and Christians are collaborating in the reconstruction.

Mosul Eye
“With this trip I have discovered that the only way to live in peace with oneself is to tolerate the other. Try to understand the reasons why they act. And that hatred not only destroys the things around you, but it destroys you ”.

As a concrete initiative, Omar Mohammed proposes to review the educational programs, to eliminate everything that may induce suspicion or hatred towards people of another religion, or who have different opinions.

This is what Sunni Muslims who work with Shiite Muslims and Christians are already doing with works in the reconstruction of mosques and churches in this city.




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