Cardinal Tumi, the “Nelson Mandela” of Cameroon, passed away

Cardinal Christian Wiyghan Tumi, 90, passed away on April 3. He was one of the ecclesiastics most committed to development and the search for peace in his country, Cameroon. 

In fact, in 2019 he received the Nelson Mandela Award for promoting peace and respect for human rights. 

In 2020 he had been kidnapped for several hours by a group of armed men. The cardinal had received threats after encouraging the children to return to school after a violent attack in which several of them died. The attack had also attracted the attention of Francisco, who from Rome had condemned it.

“I express my great bewilderment at an act so cruel and indignant that it took the lives of little innocents while they were in their lessons at school. May God enlighten hearts so that similar gestures are not repeated and that the tormented regions of the country may finally find peace ”.

In this telegram, Francis praises the deceased cardinal for his commitment to promoting human rights. Cardinal Christian Wiyghan Tumi no longer had the right to participate in an eventual conclave due to his age.

With his death, the College of Cardinals decreased to 226 members, of which 126 are electors.

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