Francis explains why “praying for other people is the first way to love them”

After Holy Week, the Pope focused his catechesis on the “communion of saints”. He defined it as a “solidarity” that the saints in Heaven live with those who are still on Earth. Although not alone. 

We already experience this bond of prayer here, in earthly life: we pray for one another. We ask for prayers and we offer them …

He said that praying for each other is a way to grow in love. A virtuous circle is created that reinforces the ties between people.

The prayers, the good ones, are diffusive FLASH. They spread continuously, with or without messages on social networks. From the corridors of a hospital as in the moments of celebration or in which one suffers in silence … The pain of each one is the pain of all and the happiness of someone is transferred to the spirit of the others.

In addition, the Pope explained that praying for people involves taking an important step: thinking about that person and, therefore, loving them.

The first way to pray for someone is to tell God about that person. If we do it frequently, every day, our heart does not close, but remains open to others. Praying for other people is the first way to love them and to be close to them in a concrete way.

Before concluding, he recalled that next Sunday the feast of Divine Mercy instituted by Saint John Paul II will be celebrated.

He also asked for prayers for the flood victims in Indonesia and East Timor. 

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