“Time to begin to chart a new path for ourselves as individuals”- GCBC

The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, in a document signed by most Rev. Philip Naameh, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Tamale and the President of GCBC, said that the time has come to begin to chart a new path for ourselves as individuals.

“It is time for us to begin to chart new path for ourselves as individuals, as a people and as a nation, if we intend to build a country with people who appreciate the need for hard work, honesty, values, integrity and the desire for genuine acquisition of wealth as opposed to the current situation of thirsting for quick wealth by hook or by crook”, it stated.

The document says that the alleged murder of Ishmael Mensah Abdallah by two teenagers during the peak of the Easter celebrations as a national security threat and must be dealt with.

“As we dialogue to have answers to the question ‘what has gone wrong with us?’, it is important for us to see these developments as a national security threat and act speedily to deal with this threat. We, therefore, call on all major stakeholders, especially the Regulators of our media space, to clamp down on activities of these fraudulent spiritualists, mallams, pastors and others who, through their audio-visual content, continue to propagate evils and their ‘get-rich-quick’ activities on our television stations and social media platforms. Ishmael met his untimely death when he was allegedly killed by two Kasoa teenagers with aim of using some of his body parts for money rituals.”

It further said that the incident “exposes us as a people and as a nation, and calls for the need for an urgent intervention to avert further occurrences in the future”.

According to the teenagers, they were well inspired by a mallam they watched on television who assured to make them rich if they can provide some human body parts and the amount of GHC 5000.

The two teenagers who have been remanded into police custody for two weeks also revealed that the mallam promised to take them to Benin, and by the time they return, they will be billionaires. Reports indicate the said mallam has been arrested and will be arranged before the court.

Ghanaians have expressed their dissatisfaction with the various television stations that run money rituals advertisements on their platforms and urged the National Media Commission (NMC) to ban all those television stations.


By Theresa Kpordzo


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