The Pope outlines the profile of the priest that post-pandemic society needs

The Mexican Archbishop Jorge Patron Wong coordinates the preparation of future priests in all the seminaries of the world.

That is why this meeting of the Pope on March 29 stands out, for the 5 years of Francis’ trip to Mexico.

Secretary, Congregation for the Clergy
“It was a meeting in which the Pope showed this paternity towards all priests.”

Francisco’s speech went unnoticed, but it was very relevant because it traced the profile of the priest in the reconstruction of society after the pandemic.

The first characteristic that Francisco proposed to them is that they look at problems with tenderness.

First of all, we need to have the look of tenderness with which our Father God sees the problems that afflict society: violence, social and economic inequalities, polarization, corruption and lack of hope, especially among the youngest.

The Pope also asked priests to devote a lot of energy to reconciling people and society.

Pastors are called to help rebuild respectful and constructive relationships between people, human groups, and cultures within society, proposing to all “allow themselves to be reconciled by God”, to commit themselves to the restoration of justice.

The third characteristic that Francis proposed to them is to build fraternity and unity around them and in the Church.

We have to be capable of having a vision of the whole and unity, which encourages us to create fraternity, which allows us to highlight the points of connection and interaction within cultures and in the ecclesial community.

A profile that Jorge Patron Wong sums up in this way.

Secretary, Congregation for the Clergy
“A priest who is tender in his relationships with the people who are suffering. A priest who reconciles, who weaves at the family level, at the social level, the social fabric of reconciliation and a priest who builds fraternity everywhere ”.

And, as usual in the Pope’s speeches, although Francis spoke with priests and future priests of Mexico, this recipe can be applied throughout the world.

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