“Faith is best explained by actions” – Fr. Dieu-Donne.

Rev. Fr. Dieu-Donne Kofi Davor, preaching on Divine Mercy Sunday at St. Louis Catholic Church, Parakuo on Divine Mercy Sunday, said that our faith is best explained by our actions.

He said that the greeting of peace from Christ to his disciple was to enfold them to stay away from fear, to prepare them to go out and bear witness to his resurrection.

Divine Mercy Sunday is a clear indication of God’s love and mercy for humanity.

Fr. Dieu Donne added that the greeting of peace is a sign of forgiveness to the disciples and an assurance that despite denying Jesus, he holds nothing against them, he sees them as his own and ready to send them on a mission and to unit their faith for a common mission that was ahead of them.

He said Thomas does represent to all of us in our way of doubt of our belief and the very existence of God “lifestyle of Thomas tells us that faith does not come easily but comes with struggle, it comes with battles, it comes as real challenges for us.”

Jesus understood his situation in the moment of his despair. Therefore, “we are all encouraged to let the occasions of our doubt become a glowing point of our faith and let the occasions that necessitate our doubt become the occasion that necessitates our growth in Christ”, Fr said.

“We are also to use this opportunity to ask the Lord to strengthen our conviction and trust in his words. Because the truth is that it is only faith in his words that makes life meaningful,” He urged.

Like the apostles, he said, “by virtue of our baptism, we have been commissioned to be witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection, we have also been commissioned to be agents of love wherever we may find ourselves, and to be agents of mercy.”

Fr. Dieu Donne again said that our works, lives and our deeds have the power to win more souls for Christ and can at the same time send people away from God, so he urged all to live a Christ-like life.

He said that whatever is born of God conquers the world, “There is no greater example of faith than to live life in a common spirit of freshening, in a common spirit of harmony, in a common spirit of love it is with these that we are able to conquer the world”.

Fr. Dieu Kofi Donne Davor said that we should join the psalmist in acknowledging God’s goodness and faith, to give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his mercy endures forever, and his love is everlasting as we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday in a clear indication of God’s mercy and love for humanity.

by Theresa Kpordzo

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