Vatican to host ambitious congress on theological foundations of the priesthood

In February, bishops with thousands of people from all over the world will meet in the Vatican to reflect on the foundation of priestly dedication. 

It is a congress organized by the “Center for Research and Anthropology of Vocations”, chaired by Cardinal Marc Ouellet.

The idea is to remember that the foundation of every vocation is in baptism, since with it all the faithful participate in the mission of the Church.

Prefect, Congregation of Bishops
“Catholics remain with the priestly ministry, and Protestants with the baptismal priesthood. It was necessary to reconcile these perspectives, to integrate. The Second Vatican Council did so, but this idea has not yet entered the life and pastoral care of the Church ”.

The congress will be held in Rome from February 17 to 19. It is entitled “For a fundamental theology of the priesthood” and will be closed by the Pope. 

Questions such as the relationship with other vocations in the Church or why priests are asked to live celibacy will be addressed.

Prefect, Congregation of Bishops
“This is not a symposium on priestly celibacy, as if this question should be fundamentally taken up again. It is a broader perspective, starting with baptism ”.

Rector, Pontifical French Seminary in Rome
“Show (future priests) the reasons that justify the request (of celibacy) and this commitment of life, and propose them, accordingly and with coherence, the most appropriate ways of living this gift with fidelity”. 

Professor of Theology, Pontifical Gregorian University.
“Today, in many parts of the world, bishops and priests are striving to identify what changes are needed for the priest to truly be a sentinel of the Kingdom of God, a man called by God to sanctify the world through the gift of the sacraments of the Kingdom. ”.

The congress has a special website, in which content will be published to prepare the meetings. 

The organizers hope that by returning to this Theology of the priesthood, a missionary impulse will be resumed throughout the Church. 

Something that will benefit not only priests, but all believers. 

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