Save Child Advocacy strengthens commitment to Support Children, Women Amidst COVID-19

As the anxiety associated with the Novel Coronavirus gradually dies down, Children and women in street situation are getting back to the streets to work in order to survive.

Institutions and individuals such as the Save-Child Advocacy and Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbel of Lepers Aid fame continue to show the path in the care and protection for the vulnerable in society.

As part of efforts to mitigate the challenges of children and women during these unpredictable moments, the Safe-Child Advocacy opened her Drop-in Centre to children in street situations who came in daily to seek one form of assistance or the other.

According to the institution, “It was worrisome to see hungry faces of children and women in the street situation who spend long hours at the Centre. When asked by our field staff why they were not working, the children will say there was no work. Life was only returning gradually and persons in the street situation had not much to do to earn their daily bread. They complained of hunger and other basic needs.”

Save-Child Advocacy in a report on its activities said it was like a dream when it got to them that ” Fr. Campbell had 100 bags of rice to donate to us for our children. My team and I were so happy that we would be in the position to give some little relief to children and mothers in the street situation as well as persons with disabilities around us. The Organization (Safe-Child Advocacy) decided to compliment the food sent by Fr. Campbell with some condiments for a ready to go meal for our target group.”

Fr. Campbell also donated 20 students’ mattresses which helped us to support our beneficiaries who gained admission to various Senior High Schools this year, the report revealed.

Save-Child Advocacy during its events, leveraged on available opportunity to educate its target group on various issues including Covid-19 safety measures and alternative life choices beyond living on the streets or begging.

The move was aimed at addressing the concern that most girls in the street situation do not seem to take precautions against contracting/spreading the virus, such as, wearing the nose mask, use of hand sanitizers or adhering to the culture of frequent hand wash.  Our Human Resource Manager, Mr Akwasi Prempeh led the Covid-19 education.

The Save-Child Advocacy notes that there are still many vulnerable persons who can hardly afford a day’s meal. And is appealing to the general public to assist as it tries to support more vulnerable young girls on the streets.

Source: NewsWatchGh

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