Book proposes marriage as the beginning of the happiest days

The question whether the wedding is the happiest day of our lives or the beginning of the happiest days is the premise of the book “More than Together”.

Co-author, “Más que Juntos”
“’Más que Juntos’ refers to marriage. Boyfriends who love each other, are fine and are together, but getting married is one more step. It is not a mere convention, it is not signing a paper. Getting married is giving up your life, committing yourself forever ”.

Lucia Alcalde is the co-author of the book with María Álvarez de las Asturias. This young writer and mother of 3 children, says that marriage is a path full of laughter and parties, but also potholes and questions.

Co-author, “More than Together
“ If we stay in the simple giving in, a certain discomfort can be created within the one who is giving in, and if that decision goes wrong it is very easy to blame the other, especially when they are important decisions. Consensus is that a decision belongs to both of us and if it goes wrong, the responsibility belongs to both ”.

As for all families, the pandemic has been a challenge. Being at home with 3 little ones was not easy. She recounts how she and her husband made the most of every minute.

Co-author, “More than Together”
“In the confinement we are together all the time, but we were all the time working, taking care of the children, doing things and it was very important, in a situation like this, to take care of those moments of being together calmly, without doing anything else, without thinking about anything else and simply talking, enjoying and being able to rest with each other ”.

From knowing the objective of the honeymoon, how to distribute the household chores or why sometimes it seems that different languages ​​are spoken, the proposal is to build a future each time “More than Together”.

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