Hariri asks the Pope to help Lebanon emerge from political paralysis and economic crisis

Saad Hariri, is trying to form a government in Lebanon, and has visited Rome in search of support to bring the country out of political paralysis and economic crisis. 

Icon of this crisis is the explosion in the port of Beirut last August, in which 200 people died.

Hariri has been trying to form a government almost ever since.

The Vatican has only published this photo of his meeting with the Pope, as he is not technically head of government and it was a private meeting. 

They met during this other visit in October 2017. 

According to the Vatican, the Pope has accepted the meeting to show “closeness to the Lebanese people, who are experiencing a time of great difficulty and uncertainty.” 

During the meeting, the Pope called for the responsibility of all political forces, and asked them to “reach an agreement for the benefit of the nation.” 

Saad Hariri has said on Twitter that the Pope has confirmed to him that he will travel to Lebanon, but once a government has been formed. 

The custom is for the president to be a Maronite Christian; the prime minister, a Sunni Muslim; and the speaker of parliament, a Shiite.

This forces to dialogue and seek agreements. For this reason, Francisco considers the country a unique model of coexistence and moderation in the region and a treasure that cannot be lost. 



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