Sr. Bridgette Agbenyo, HDR, sister in charge of St. Vincent de Paul Day Care Centre for the sick and aged, Tema-Comm. 2, speaking to DEPSOCOM Accra, said she does not use her faith affiliation to deal with people, instead gives fair treatment to not only Catholics but non-Catholics as well.

The St. Vincent de Paul Centre for the sick and aged had Klassy P. foundation an event planning and charity organization paying a visit to the centre to put smiles on their faces by spending time with them and providing them with a medical screening routine.

The CEO of the foundation Madam Pauline Amoako said that together with Klassy P, they decided to visit St. Vincent de Paul Centre for the aged to honor the birthday of their late mother who was fond of putting smiles on the faces of others.

There was a health talk on Blood Pressure, an underlying health issue in old people which needs extra attention. They were cautioned to take good care of their health as they age to avoid health complicated issues by limiting their intake of fat, salt and cholesterol and rather consume meals rich in vitamins. They were again advised to engage in enough exercise to keep their bones strong and healthy.

The St. Vincent de Paul Centre for the Aged, since its existence has been a home for the sick and aged from Tema Battor Deanery and receives support from private hospitals, members of some parishes and individual organisations.

Sr. Bridgette added that the purpose of taking care of the elderly ones at the St. Vincent de Paul Centre is to make them happy when their loved ones are not around. The centre is open on Mondays to Fridays from 7:30 am to 4 pm to engage the aged in activities that will make them feel at home, and these are healthcare routines with free medication, reading scriptures, craftworks, indoor games, and old age exercises.

Sr. Bridgette Agbenyo HDR further said that as part of the morals of their congregation the Handmaid of Divine Redeemer, taking care of the aged, autistic and destitute is their charism.

She said she loves to do this because it gives her joy when she put smiles on the faces of others by being able to clothe and feed them.

The centre also does outreach programs by supporting the aged in the rural areas with clothes, foodstuff, cooking utensils, mattresses, and other items.

Source: DEPSOCOM Accra/ E.S.D and Theresa Kpordzo

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