BACK TO THE FATHER- DAY 33… Fr. Patrick writes

Vessels of God
📖 “But the Lord said to him, “Go, for he is a chosen instrument of Mine, to bear My name before the Gentiles and kings and the sons of Israel.” Acts 9:15

When God calls us to undertake, carry out or fulfill a mission, who is at work? God or us? The truth is that we are both at work – God is the source and we are the instruments or vessels he uses to accomplish his plans on earth. We make a freewill effort, but it is God who shines through.

Beloved, a window can act as a source of light in the house; yet, it is not the window that shines, but the sun! Similarly, we must surrender ourselves to God so that He will shine through us, but we must always remember that we are only a window through which God will shine in our world.

Do you want God to shine through you brightly? Do you want His rays of love to radiate and enlighten others through you? If you do, then humble yourself so that you can become His instrument of grace. Recognise that you are nothing more than an instrument, not the source. Be open to the Source of all grace and He will shine through with great power and splendour.

Prayer Focus:
📍Pray that you will be a worthy instrument for God.
📍Pray that you will be humble for God to shine through you.

🙏🏽Lord, may I be a true instrument of Your grace. May I always remember that You are the source of all grace and mercy.

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