Pope Francis to married couples: Seek a good relationship with your mother-in-law

Pope Francis continued his series of catechesis on the value of old age and the elderly at his General Audience, focusing on inter-generational relationships within marriages.

The Pope reflected on the biblical figure of Ruth, who went to live with her mother-in-law after the death of her husband. He said that this story should be an example of the strong relationships that should exist between in-laws, and urged married couples to strengthen their relationships with each other’s families.

Take a good look at the relationships you have with your mothers-in-law. Yes, at times they can be a bit special, but they are the mother of your spouse, they have given you everything.

The Pope also offered some words of advice to mothers-in-law, so that they may maintain a good relationship with their child’s spouse.

Be aware of your tongue, because the tongue is one of the ugliest sins of mothers-in-law. Be aware of this.

After giving his blessing Pope Francis spoke directly to the crowd to address the knee problems that have been reducing his scheduling in recent weeks.

I ask that you excuse me that I will greet you while seated, because this knee is not finished healing, and I cannot stand for too long. Sorry about this, thank you.

The Pope then proceeded to greet bishops as they came up to speak with him. Although he was sitting down, he did not lose his customary enthusiasm.



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