Swiss Guard seeks new headquarters. Works are being prepared in the Vatican

The new Swiss Guard barracks include individual rooms with bathrooms, which could facilitate the incorporation of female recruits. Although that has to be decided by the Vatican.

At the moment the foundation in charge of carrying out the project is looking for money. And there is no one in charge: but Jean-Pierre Roth was governor of the Central Bank of Switzerland.

They calculate that the works will cost 45 million euros. They have achieved 37.5, although, jokingly, he says that this is not the most difficult part.

Foundation, Restoration of the Swiss Guard Barracks
For the record: it is easier to find money than to build the barracks.

He refers to the fact that the Vatican is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so any work he carries out must be in accordance with it.

And what they intend to do is no small thing: they want to tear down the building. And for two reasons.

In the first place, because the regulation establishes that the families of the Swiss Guards must live in the barracks. Secondly, because the Pope increased the number of troops from 110 to 135. This implies that, by force, it is necessary to make more rooms. And it is something that the current rigid structure of the building does not allow.

Foundation, Swiss Guard Barracks Restoration
The current building is from the 19th century and was built using the techniques of the time. You have to renew all that or even rebuild it.

And the current building is not flexible enough. For example, you can’t increase the number of floors, so if you want to gain more space for the guards, you have to rebuild it.

The new barracks will respect what UNESCO asks for and will also maintain the façade to follow the aesthetic standards requested by Italy. Because although the barracks is not in Italian territory, they want to follow the aesthetic standards of the neighboring country.

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