Pope Francis: “We are living in a society of fatigue.”

Pope Francis tackled a delicate subject in the weekly catechesis: the disenchantment that comes with life, especially in old age.

Resisting the demoralizing effects of disenchantment in old age is critical. If the elderly, who have seen everything in life, keep their passion for justice intact, there is still hope for love and faith.

The Pope found it curious that in a society of wellness and technological progress, there is still a constant biterness and weariness of life.

Science is progressing, of course, and that is good. But the wisdom of life is something else entirely, and it seems stalled.
We are living in a society of fatigue.

That is why Pope Francis recommended to carefully read the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible.

At the end of the General Audience, the Pope greeted pilgrims from Argentina with great affection because it was a national holiday.



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