On Pope Francis’ health: “Believe me, his head and heart are as clear as ever”

These scenes are from early June.

And these from now. The Pope’s knee pain does not appear to improve, and as a result his schedule is constantly changing. The latest and most significant change being the postponement of his long-awaited trip to Africa.

Yet his limited mobility does not mean he is planning on resigning from the papacy.

At least that’s what a group of Brazilian bishops told Vatican News after their ad limina visit to Rome. The Archbishop of Porto Velho told the Vatican’s media arm that the Pope denied the rumors about his resignation, saying that “it doesn’t cross his mind,” and that “he wants to live his mission as long as God will let him.”

It was a sentiment echoed by the Secretary General of the Synod, Cardinal Mario Grech, in an interview with Rome Reports.

Secretary General of the Synod
Pope Francis unfortunately has an ailment now in his knee, but believe me his head and his heart are as clear as ever.

In recent weeks, Pope Francis’ state of health has raised much speculation. Especially after he canceled the trip to Africa and announced a visit to the place where Celestine V, the first Pope who resigned, is buried.


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