Pope Francis concludes his catechesis on old age with a message of hope for the elderly

Pope Francis concluded the cycle of catechesis on old age that he has been giving for the past few months. In the Vatican’s Paul VI Audience Hall, he explained to pilgrims what the resurrection of the dead will be like. He said that, just as Jesus did not lose his wounds nor his humanity when he rose from the dead, we too “will recognize the faces of the people we love.”


Dear brothers and sisters:

Our series of catecheses on old age in the light of God’s word now concludes with a reflection on the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrated in these days of August. Our Lady’s assumption, body and soul, into heaven is intimately bound to the resurrection of Jesus her Son and to its promise of our own bodily resurrection at the end of time. Following his

resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples and showed them the signs of his passion and death.

He revealed that, in the life to come, the “flesh” of our individual identity, our memories, experiences and personal history, will endure and be transfigured in the presence of the living God.

Our Lord describes the life of the resurrection with images of joy and fulfilment, as we, and our world, will be “reborn”, and the seeds we have sown on earth will bear eternal fruit. The season of life which we call “old age” is thus a privileged time to grow in the wisdom born of faith, to view our lives in their proper perspective, through God’s eyes, and to look forward with joy to the fulfilment of our hope in

the glory of heaven, in communion with Our Lady and all the saints.



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