Pope’s Health: It is ruled out that he has a tumor

In the medical reports published by the Vatican, it is worth paying attention to what is communicated between the lines. 

This Wednesday said that “the definitive histological examination has confirmed a severe diverticular stenosis with signs of sclerosing diverticulitis.”

According to Dr. Gabriella Teresa Capolupo, who does not follow this case personally, the medical bulletin gives very good news.  

Polyclinic Campus Bio-Medico (Rome)

“It confirms the initial diagnosis and, above all, completely eliminates any doubt that it could be a tumor”.

Histological examination is a routine practice performed in this type of operation. 

Another good sign is that the Pope already feeds only by mouth and does not need the intravenous line. 

Polyclinic Campus Bio-Medico (Rome) 
“Therefore, things turned
out in the best possible way for the Holy Father.”

Doctors prescribed the Pope a convalescence of at least seven days, which would conclude on Sunday or Monday. 



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