SMA Ordains Rev. Davis into the Office of Priesthood

This year’s  Society of African Mission, SMA 2021 priestly Ordination  saw one deacon, Rev. Davis Tetteh Angmor transition into the office of priesthood

The event organized at the  Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Adentan was presided over by Most Rev Emmanuel Kofi Fianu, SVD, Bishop of Ho diocese and concelebrated with a number of priests present.

Most Rev. Emmanuel Fianu gave the homily urging the candidate that it is Christ who has called him to his mission and it is the same Christ he is to respond.

The Homilist called on the candidates to devote time to meditating more on the law of the Lord, believe what he read, teach what he believes and practice what he believes for ” our world today do not want teachers but models”

“Let the Holiness of your life be a delightful fragrance to Christ faithful Bishop Fianu acclaimed. ” do not be proud and arrogant but imitate Christ who was so humble that he accepted death on the cross; just as so sacrifice is demanded of a priest.” he added.

In his final words, the homilist urged Rev. Davis to “carry out the ministry of Christ with constant joy, genuine love, attending not your own concerns but those of Jesus Christ”.


The rites of ordination started with the calling of the candidate and for the superior to testify his worthiness. “He is called from the midst of the people. The Church firmly believes that those who are called to ministry answer a call from the Lord and are called from the midst of the community of the faithful. That is the reason why the ordinand sits with his family in the midst of the congregation.”

The Bishop inquires of those charged with the formation of the candidate if the ordinand has taken all the preparatory steps and has been found worthy and competent to fulfil the office of priesthood.

The Candidate was examined; the  Bishop inquires directly about his willingness to be ordained a priest and he responded in the affirmative.

Kneeling before the Bishop he promised Chastity, Obedience and Poverty

The litany of the Saints was sung while the candidate prostrates in front of the altar as a sign of humility a symbol of his submission to the will of God while the assembly kneels to pray. The Bishop concludes the Litany with a prayer.

This was followed by the laying on of hands, a silent prayer is said while holding his head to evoke the Holy Spirit on him. This gesture was first used by the apostles in the election of the first deacons for service in the Church (Acts 6:6)

The prayer of consecration was said. The assembly responds “Amen” to the Bishop’s prayer as a sign of their assent, of the sacred action that has taken place.

As a sign of his new office, he was vested with stole and chasuble. The hands of the ordinand were anointed with the oil of chrism to preserve him through his mission as a priest. A Paten and a Chalice were presented to him to use in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The ordination ended with the kiss of peace


In his speech, Rev Fr. Davis while expressing gratitude to God, the main celebrant, Bishop EmmanuelFianu,SVD ,  friends and family of the SMA  said” my Journey does not end here”.  he asked that the Lord continue to mould him a priest who will walk with the mercy, love and righteousness of the heart.


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