Cardinal Friend: I decided to be a Franciscan when I saw that they found joy in small things

At 86 years old, Cardinal Carlos Amigo continues to be a benchmark of popular Spanish religiosity. He is characterized by his charisma, closeness and firmness.

He fondly recalls how his last name has always attracted attention within the College of Cardinals.

Archbishop emeritus of Seville
“There was a cardinal. Cardinal Tarancón, who always called me friend Amigo. And he always said, I’m going to ask my friend Friend. I’m going to call friend Friend. And anecdotes of this of confusing my last name with my first name and things like that very often ”.

He has been a provincial of the Franciscan province of Santiago, a member of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America and the Pontifical Council for Health, and has also participated as a delegate of the Holy See in the Islamic-Christian Dialogue Seminar. He has also participated in the conclaves of 2005 and 2013.

And as a Franciscan he has been able to experience different manifestations of popular devotion up close.

Archbishop emeritus of Seville
“What does the Church lack? It has everything you need. But here it is. It is very bad to die of thirst, but it is even worse to die of thirst with the water so close. No, we cannot die of faith. The springs are full and looking forward to going to them to drink ”.

The Archbishop emeritus of Seville says that he discovered his vocation “by contagion.” While studying medicine at the University, he saw some Franciscan friars and was impressed by how they “saw the world differently”.

Archbishop emeritus of Seville
“They enjoyed little things. They saw everything with a positive vision, they were interested in people, they ate the words when others spoke, a joy and a personal peace that captivated. And I said: ‘I would like to be like these people.

During his life he has learned to look forward with the “long lights of faith.” For this reason, in the midst of difficulties, it invites us to “look up, beyond what we have in front of our eyes”. 

– “How do you want to be remembered?”
– “Like a Franciscan who tried to serve God and his brothers.”

A man who knows how to “see the hand of God in all things and see the presence of God in all things”.

Daniel Diaz Vizzi

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