COVID19 in India: Camilianos help to bury with dignity those killed by pandemic

At present, the Order of Regular Clerics Ministers of the Sick, commonly known as “Camillians”, has about 1,200 religious in 41 countries.

His charism is the care of the sick. For this reason, they have dedicated themselves body and soul to caring for coronavirus patients. Especially in India.

Religious Camiliano
“Our brothers in India, a country very affected by the pandemic and in a state of emergency, have turned to help. Initially they have offered to help bury the dead, which is a work of mercy very close to that of our charism, which is caring for the sick, but close to that burying the dead is also offering dignity.

For Camillians, the exercise of charity can be summed up in a simple gesture, such as squeezing the hand of a sick person and, in many cases, closing their eyes.

religious “6 Camillian religious were infected with Covid19 and died, while about 50 religious of our order were infected. And in some of our provinces, even 30% of our staff became infected ”.

The order of the Camillians was founded in 1582 by Saint Camillus, a time of terrible health crises.

Camilian Religious
“Saint Camilo lived at the time of the great plagues and hundreds of religious of the order were infected with plague, cholera or typhus from assisting the sick and died. Clearly it was another time there were not so many precautions, they still took a risk. We consider them martyrs of charity ”.

Every May 25, Camillians remember the “martyrs of charity”, people who have risked their lives caring for the sick, being an expression of charity.

Daniel Diaz Vizzi

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