Pope Francis to declare 10 new saints on May 15

The last canonization ceremony was held in 2019.

On Sunday May 15, St. Peter’s Square will be dressed up to host one of the most eagerly awaited ceremonies held in the the square: canonizations.

The last time a canonization ceremony was held here was in 2019, when the Pope declared Cardinal John Henry Newman and Sr. Dulce of Brazil, saints, among others.

Today we thank God for the new saints, who have walked in faith and now we invoke as intercessors.

This time around Pope Francis will canonize 10 people. Among them is Charles de Foucauld, the French priest who became a missionary in the Algerian desert.

In Rome, the little sisters of Jesus have a museum dedicated to him.

Little Sisters of Jesus
When we enter in the museum, we see his sandal and his compass, and those two things are good symbols because he wanted to be in relationship with people, so he had to walk and meet the people, and then his compass because he walked a long way in the desert, and so a compass is very useful when you don’t know exactly the way.

The other Blesseds Pope Francis will canonize are the layperson Lazarus, a martyr from India, as well as Tito Bradsma, the Carmelite priest who was killed in a Nazi concentration camp.



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