Pope Francis: “Disinfomation is the order of the day”

Pope Francis met with members of the Society of St. Paul, known as the Paulines, whose ministry is based in communication. In their meeting, the Pope called them apostles of communication and was critical of the state of the press worldwide.

If we take today’s media outlets, they are not all clean or honest. They lack a wholeness. Disinformation is the order of the day. Some things are said, but others are hidden. We must seek that in our communication of faith, this does not happen.

Pope Francis asked them to give the best of themselves in their work, and maintained that much can be communicated by one’s way of being.

The first thing a communicator communicates is himself. Maybe without meaning to, but he is himself. This one speaks about this thing. But how does he speak? That’s the important thing. Clear. Transparent. He himself is the one speaking. This is being original. In this way, communicators are poets.

The Society of Saint Paul has several communication projects, among them a publishing house specialized in religious topics and present around the world.


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