“Hope, courage and resilience” – key words for constructive communication in Ukraine

Even in the midst of the terrible reality of war in Ukraine, it is possible to have constructive communication.

With the goal of having open dialogue, Rome Reports journalist and university professor Seán-Patrick Lovett held a meeting with students of the Ukrainian Catholic University. He recommends choosing words that inspire and encourage while trying to rebuild the country after the war.

Journalist and university professor
However challenging this moment may be, and to recognize this moment will pass – it always does. Anyone who has survived a war will tell you that in the midst of it, they believed the world had ended, that nothing would ever bethe same, and yet, human resilience is such that somehow we do get through, and we do have to start thinking ahead. We do need to plan for the challenges we will have to face afterwards. There will be an afterwards; there will come a time to ask: what now?

Professor Lovett identified the Ukrainian president as a model communicator who inspires and encourages.

Journalist and university professor
The world needs heroes. Your president right now, Zelenskyy, is a hero. And he knows how to use media. He is brilliant, a true expert in using media. Not too much, not too little. He balances where he is, how he dresses, what the backgrounds are.

The online meeting closed with expressions of gratitude and recognition to the students and staff of the Ukrainian Catholic University for all they are doing to assist refugees and support all those in need.



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