Francis returns to the Vatican after 11 days in hospital

Doctors have released the Pope. 

These are his last images in the hospital. The afternoon before leaving, Francisco visited children from the Pediatric Oncology department.

This Wednesday at 10:30 in the morning he was able to leave … 

The Vatican has published this photo of the stop he made before arriving at Casa Santa Marta. Francis has gone to Santa Maria Maggiore, to pray before the image of the patron saint of Rome.

The Vatican spokesman says that Francis thanked the success of the bowel operation and prayed for the sick he has seen these days, in which, rather than receiving visits, it was he who made them. 

A video on Twitter shows how the Pope’s car stopped a few meters before entering the Vatican to greet the police. 

Francisco will not have official acts until Sunday, when he will look out the window of the pontifical apartments to pray the Angelus with the pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square.


Javier Romero/

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