Pope Francis: Christians have a “right to protest” God

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen scenes like these in St. Peter’s Square: Pope Francis inviting children to ride the popemobile with him as he passes among the crowd before his General Audience.

In his catechesis, the Pope said that every Christian has the “right to protest” God which can be legitimately exercised, just as a child does to their parent.

If you have a wound in your heart, a pain, and you want to protest, protest. God hears you, God is Father.
Be free, be free in your prayer. Don’t imprison your prayer in preconceived patterns. No, prayer must be spontaneous like a child with their parent.

The Pope referred to the figure of Job as an example, who after great hardship complained to God over the injustices he suffered. Pope Francis recommended reflecting on this biblical figure and his relationship with God.

There is a type of right of a victim to protest the mystery of evil. A right that God grants to anyone, indeed, that He Himself instills.

Pope Francis continued greeting those present while seated, including several Eastern bishops who brought him gifts that they even had him try on.



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