The 2021 inter-religious conference organized by the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra has been held at the Christ the King Parish, Cantonments under the theme; “towards enriching and understanding of Religion and development in Ghana”.

The conference which was held on Thursday, November 18, had in attendance the Very Rev. Prof. J.K Asamoah-Gyadu, representative from the office of the Chief Imam, the Archbishop of Accra’s representative, national coordinator of Inter-Religious Dialogue, other dignitaries, priests and religious.

The main speaker for the day the Very Rev. Prof. J.K Asamoah-Gyadu focused his delivery on the theme for the conference and gave it a simpler outlook that is Religion and Development in Ghana. He explained religion as the existence of a supernatural being or entity, a power beyond human power and something we cannot see with our bare eyes but exists.

He explained that religion defines the source of the created order and defines its ultimate ownership and that Christians do not believe in the theory of evolution but believe there is an ultimate being behind creation. He said the above statement meant that those who are custodians are responsible to this ultimate being and that is the more reason the environment in which we occupy must be taken care of.

He charged all to attend to people because they are humans but not because they belong to their faith or tribe. Our religious beliefs he said teach us what is wrong from right, good or bad and what is godly and evil.

He further said that for religion to be significant to development we must see each other first and foremost as humans and co-creators that exhibit love. He said development has human wellbeing at its call and development enhances people’s lifestyles. Gone were the days he said mission schools were the best in the country, where morals and discipline were at its peak but now most schools have been commercialized losing all its value.

He associated development with the family, taboos, libation, education and church; all these serve as a source of development. Christian evangelization he explained started through formal education which led to the nation’s development and should not

He concluded by saying that the message of the church must be motivational and all must remember that we are all serving one God and we are one people.

There were input by supporting speakers present, adding their views to the theme for the conference.

Source: DEPSOCOM, Accra/E.S.D

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