Very Rev Fr. Dominic Amegashitsi has called on all Christians to always be a mirror reflection of Christ for the book of revelation says may their good deeds accompany them; he made this statement during his homily on the feast of Christ the King on Sunday, 21st November 2021 at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Kotobabi.

Fr. Dominic, the parish priest of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church said as we celebrate the solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ as Christ the King, the King of our universe, it is also celebrated  to remind us that all creatures and all that exists owe allegiance to God. The kingship of Jesus Christ is not to be contested or rejected, it is a kingship that is divine and therefore supersedes all other kingships.

He said gone are the days were we used to pay allegiance to chiefs and kings in our various communities, according them the needed respect but at the end of all these they cannot escape death. This he said indicates that the dominium of our Lord Jesus Christ reigns forever, the power that Christ has received from His father makes Him a leader over all.

“Jesus as a leader directs and cares for the people of his charge, a leader sacrifices for the sake of his followers and does everything possible to ensure their purity and wellbeing. This is the kind of leader that Jesus is, he is the leader that seeks the total wellbeing of His followers, and He does that because He loves us unconditionally. He even went far by washing away our sins with his own precious blood. He continues to protect us from the hands of the evil ones” he further stated.

This he said, gives us the opportunity for us also to forgive others today; and to do that all should examine themselves and follow the example of Jesus Christ their mentor. Though some people might have been disappointed many times Fr. Dominic admonished all to imitate the life of Jesus and learn to let go and forgive easily.

He charged those in authority to use their positions to cater for the poor, needy and the vulnerable in our society.

“The Kingship of Jesus does not belong to this world but its effect must be felt in this world. It is by our good deeds that people will believe we are indeed genuine Christians”, he said.

He reminded the people of God that the kingship of Jesus is marked by truthfulness, service, sacrifice, humility, kindness and all those virtues that allow peaceful human relation.

He encouraged all parishioners to devote time in visiting and taking care of the sick, poor and needy in our families and societies. “Our way of charity to imitate Christ can be demonstrated in the societies we belong to, winning souls for Christ, visiting the poor, praying for the sick and as well supporting one another. We should use the solemnity to access how good we have been as citizens in the kingdom of Jesus”, he said.

Source: DEPSOCOM Accra/E.S.D

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