Every two weeks, a Catholic missionary is killed

More than 500 missionaries have been violently killed since the beginning of the millennium. At least 22 were killed in different parts of the world last month, according to a report by the Fides Agency.

Since its founding in 1822 by Pauline Jaricot, the Pontifical Mission Societies collect funds for missions around the world. They also report that the continents of Africa and the Americas alternate as the most dangerous places to share the Christian faith.

President, Pontifical Mission Societies
I understand that in this reality there are missionaries who give their lives, even physically, for the Gospel. This is a great message for young people. That is—there is something to give one’s life for.

May 3 marks the centennial of Pope Pius XI’s motu proprio Romanorum Pontificum, which promoted three mission societies to the Pontifical right: the Propagation of the Faith, Holy Childhood and St. Peter the Apostle.



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