Pope Francis: Christianity is not a spirituality but a way of life

Pope Francis spent ample time riding through the crowds in St. Peter’s Square seated in the popemobile before his General Audience.

During his catechesis, the Pope referred the biblical figure of Eleazar, who he cited as a model of concretely living out the faith into old age, and not following into the ancient heresy of Gnosticism.

Because the Christian faith is not only saying the Creed, it is thinking the Creed, feeling the Creed, doing the Creed, working with your hands. Instead, this Gnostic idea of only pretending, while the important thing is being spiritual inside and then you can do what you want, this is not Christian.

The Pope stressed the power which the example of elderly people have in society, and said it is up to them to model living out the faith to the young.

Maybe it is up to us old people, there are still some of us around, to complete a very important mission, to return honor to the faith, to make it coherent. Young people watch us, and our coherence can open a beautiful path for their lives. Instead, an eventual hypocrisy can do much harm.

Pope Francis once again apologized for not walking among the crowd to greet pilgrims due to his knee problem, but said that he hopes to do so again in two weeks.

It’s a momentary thing, let’s hope that it passes soon and that I can come among you after the next audience.

The Pope then remained seated to speak individually with the long line of guests who came to greet him.


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