Pope Francis: Liturgy cannot become an ideological battleground

Pope Francis did not mince words when speaking with students and professors of the Pontifical Liturgical Institute. They met with the Pope to mark the institution’s 60th anniversary.

The Pope told them that liturgical reforms in the Church should not lead to division at its heart.

I highlight again that liturgical life and its study should lead to greater ecclesial unity, not division. When liturgical life is a flag of division, there is the scent of the devil there, of the deceiver.

One of the liturgical reforms led by Pope Francis has been to restrict the use of the Tridentine Mass, which led to harsh criticisms of the Pope in some parts of the Church.

It’s not possible to worship God and, at the same time, make the liturgy a battleground for issues that are not essential, even, for resolved questions, and for taking sides, starting from the liturgy, with ideologies that divide the Church.

The Pope stressed that liturgy is an important part in the life of the every Christian that must continue along the path laid out for it by Vatican II.


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