True love is not possessive: Pope Francis’ message for Ascension Sunday

Before praying the Regina Coeli in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis reminded the faithful and pilgrims gathered there that in Rome, Italy and in many other countries, this past Sunday was the Solemnity of Jesus’ Ascension.

The Pope explained that the Lord ascends into heaven, but does not leave us alone.

Jesus’ love for us can also be seen in this: His is a presence that does not want to limit our freedom. On the contrary, it makes room for us, because true love always generates a closeness that is not crushing; it is not possessive. It is close but not possessive. In fact, true love makes us protagonists.

Before the Marian prayer, Pope Francis invited those present to ask themselves what it means to be witnesses of the Gospel.

Do we know how to make ourselves intercessors for others, that is, do we know how to pray for them and bless their lives? Or do we serve others for our own interests? Let us learn about intercessory prayer, about interceding for the hopes and sufferings of the world, interceding for peace. And let us bless those we meet every day with our eyes and words!

To conclude, Pope Francis emphasized the celebration of the ‘World Day of Social Communications’ with the theme “Listening with the ear of the heart.”

Knowing how to listen, besides being the first act of charity, is also the first indispensable ingredient of dialogue and good communication. Knowing how to listen, letting others say everything, not interrupting, knowing how to listen with the ears and the heart.

Before leaving the square, the Pope also announced that on Saturday, August 27, he will hold a Consistory for the creation of 21 new cardinals.

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